The major international booking portals such as and are definitely not free for the hotels, nor do they pay VAT in Denmark, and their profits are usually moved abroad where the tax is lower.

By booking directly (i.e. on the booking box here on the page, or by email or by phone +45 9844 1199) you help us to keep local jobs, while at the same time benefiting the Danish economy.

Therefore, we would like to express our gratitude by offering a discount on all our prices: mention the code DIREKT or enter it in the booking box (if you do not use the code, you will support us even more )

This is our official booking site

Lowest price, guaranteed. It must be easy to book and here on our own website you will find the best conditions and the lowest price. Book now. If you later find an offer somewhere else (for the same dates and services), we will match it and you will receive an additional discount of DKK 50 on your stay. You can read more here or just make your reservation!

Many guests book directly. Why? Click [+] to read more about all the benefits that you can only get here, or enter your desired dates in the box and find our best prices immediately.

Skip the middlemen and get a faster and precise service. If you have questions, you always get a personal response from a person who works at – and knows – the hotel. If you have special needs, we can always recommend the best solution.

You do not need to enter your credit card information. We will only contact you and ask for a guarantee if you expect to arrive after 6:00 pm

Should you need to cancel or change your reservation, you can do it without complications and until the day of arrival. Few exceptions apply in some periods (eg. Skagen Festival or small groups). Read all the conditions here.

In high season, when demand is higher, it is possible to book a place on our parking, and you can do when you book online on our booking page. You can also add extra services for your stay. Obs .: In the low season, parking is free and must not be reserved.

Here you will find our last rooms available when there is high demand. You will only find all room types and rates here.

Children up to 12 years stay for free, but only if you book directly with us. This applies both to accommodation and breakfast!

International booking giants like and are not free for the hotels. By booking direct you let us have more resources to invest in the improvement of our product (i.e. to create growth and jobs) and we kan keep prices lower. If we make a profit, it is not moved abroad, wherever the taxes are lower: we pay taxes locally to the benefit of our community.

If you need help, or detailed information about the hotel, check out the frequently asked questions: there is a good chance that you will find the answer right away! Do you have special needs or would like to book a group or a conference, you may send us a request.