Lowest Price Guarantee in practice

The price on our own website is basically the lowest available at the time of booking, but if an error has been made, we will match the best price and you will receive 50 DKK extra as a discount on your stay. The easiest way is to fill out the form below, or call us at +45 98 44 11 99.

There are a few things to keep in mind, and it is especially important that you check that it is about the same dates and services (for example, have you seen a price that does not include breakfast?). You can read more below.

Of course, the guarantee only applies if you have booked directly with us, and not elsewhere.

n some places you can see an “example” price or a “from” price that is not available on the dates you have booked

The price must be apply to a stay with the same arrival and departure date

We have several room types (se her) and we rent them out to different prices.

Normally we offer prices with and without breakfast buffet, where the price without breakfast is usually DKK 65.00 per person lower. Sometimes we offer short-break package rates incl. buffet breakfast and dinner, and these prices are very advantageous, but of course they are also a little more expensive than the prices which do not include food.

Request to apply the Lowest Price Guarantee

Fill in the form here if you have seen a lower price elsewhere and we will return to you soon.

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