Winter bathing

Dare you take to Denmark’s northernmost beaches in winter?

If you are a winter swimmer, you can not miss the pleasure. Choose between the Skagerrak and Kattegat, or enjoy both! Skagen is very beautiful in winter, and it’s nice to take a trip to the beach or on the heath, sit and drink a cup of hot chocolate in one of the many cafes, or even a beer at Skagen Brewery. Most shops are open and the city always offers exciting activities.

You get 15% discount on all our flex prices. Large beach towels (cm.70×140) are available at the hotel, and you can borrow as many as you need, at no extra charge.

The offer must be booked directly with us: use the reservation box (Promo Code: DYK2X) or contact us, you’ll get a cosy and central place to stay, close to all the town´s attractions. Sønderstrand beach and the harbor are within walking distance.

The offer is reserved to winter bathers and their travel mates. General conditions apply.