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Questions regarding reservations

When making your reservation online, you should always receive a reservation confirmation. If you have not received it, it’s usually because the email address you entered in the booking has been misspelled (the reservation is completed, but the confirmation could not be delivered), or because you closed the last booking page too soon and the booking was not then completed. Occasionally, booking confirmations were blocked by spam filters. Whatever the reason, we recommend that you contact us and check the status of your reservation. If you have not used our online booking system on, we recommend that you contact the system where you have booked.

We do our best to answer all inquiries within one working day but we do not always succeed. It is also possible that your email address was misspelled or that our email to you has been rejected by your spam filter, so that we can’t contact you. Whatever the cause, please call us (+45 98 44 11 99)

One of our rooms is especially suitable for disabled persons and wheelchair users. We kindly ask that you insert a note in your booking where you specify your requirements or that you contact us directly. Allocation of the requested room is only confirmed when you receive our reply. Note that there are a few steps to the hotel reception (but not to the room and the breakfast restaurant), therefore a travel companion may need to help with check-in and check-out.

We have many comfortable rooms at ground level, and if you have any trouble in walking, please insert a note in your booking: we will do our best to assign you one of these rooms. We also have an elevator, but it does not provide access to all rooms. The elevator can only be used with a card that is borrowed to people with special needs upon arrangement.

Unfortunately animals are not allowed, regardless of species and size.

Questions regarding credit card and payments

You will not be asked to input your credit card number, when you book directly on our own online booking system. We may, however, require a credit card number to guarantee your reservation if you arrive late. In that case, we will send to you a link to our payment gateway, where you can enter the card number, confidentially and securely. We will not cash any amount from the card, unless you do not cancel the reservation within the time limit.

If you book a non refundable rate, you’ll need to make the payment before the reservation is completed. The payment will be processed on a third party site (e.g. PayPal).

Please note that special rules apply when you book through other channels (eg.,, etc.). Normally these booking systems require a credit card to guarantee the reservation (the amount will not be deducted before the free cancellation deadline). Not refundable rates might be sold on some booking systems. In these cases, the total price will be deducted immediately. If you do not book directly with us, we recommend that you check the rules that apply to the booking channel you used.

You do not have to disclose your credit card number when you book directly on our own online booking system. Payment of the stay will therefore normally be carried out upon arrival or departure.  If the credit card number is given in connection with a reservation made on another booking channel, (eg.,, etc.), we advise you to check the reservation confirmation you have received and read the conditions that apply to your booking.

All bookings made directly on this site, or by phone and email can be canceled freely before the deadline. If you forget to cancel, and you don’t show up, we may not be able to rent the room reserved to others, and therefore in some cases we need a guarantee of your reservation by asking for your credit card information. You will receive a request to enter the information on a certified secure payment gateway. The amount of the stay will not be charged, unless you do not cancel your reservation within the time limit or you don’t show up.

In case you booked on another channel (eg.,, etc.) different rules apply: we advise you to check the reservation confirmation you have received and read the conditions that apply to your booking.

A non refundable rate is a price that must be paid when booking and which will not be refunded if canceled (cancellation fee is 100% of the price).

In some cases (eg groups), we may ask that the stay partially or completely prepaid. This is done following agreement, and you may choose whether to pay the by wire transfer or by credit card. If you choose credit card, we will send a payment request and the transaction will be completed on a certified secure payment gateway.

The deposit paid can be refunded entirely within the specified cancellation deadline. If the reservation is not canceled before the deadline, the deposit will be considered as cancellation fee.

Yes, it is possible to pay in advance. Following a direct agreement, you may choose whether to pay the by wire transfer or by credit card. If you choose credit card, we will send a payment request and the transaction will be completed on a certified secure payment provider. Please note that we can only issue a receipt when we receive the payment. The bill can only be printed/sent after the end of the stay.

If you made a booking directly with us on this website, or by phone or email, the stay normally must not be paid until you are at the hotel. You can pay by Danish kroner and by credit card (we do not charge fees for transactions made on the hotel’s terminals in the reception, ie. when one is physically present and swipes the credit card in the terminal). All exceptions (eg deposit, non refundable rates) are agreed beforehand.

If you made a booking on another booking channel (eg., the whole amount of the booking may be charged on the credit card you have input, at the time the free cancellation deadline expires. We recommend that you check the conditions that are applicable on the booking channel, where you reserve.

We do not charge fees for transactions made on the hotel’s terminals in the reception (ie. when one is physically present and swipes the credit card in the terminal).

If you booked through a booking system such as,, etc. you need to check directly with them their security provisions.

As for Hotel Petit, you can be sure that we do not store credit card information electronically, so it can not be stolen in case a hacker attacks on our system. When – following direct agreement – we send you a payment request, the data you enter, including your credit card number, will be stored on the certified secure payment gateway that we use. If you are not sure that the request you have received comes from us, feel free to contact us.

General questions regarding the hotel

Although the hotel is located in the city center, there are many parking options in the area, and it is possible to park for free along many of the town’s streets. The hotel’s own parking costs DKK 75,00 per night from April 1st to September 30th, while it is free for the rest of the year. Letting out time starts at 2:00 pm on the date of arrival and ends at 12:00 noon on the date of departure. Parking places can be reserved (use the parking request function in our online booking system).

Check-in time is from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. If you come earlier, we can not guarantee that your room will be ready, but if it’s ready you can of course check-in immediately. If you expect to arrive later, we kindly ask you to inform your expected arrival time in the reservation (together with your mobile phone number) and to contact us if you are delayed.
Check-out time is before 11:00 a.m.

Of course! Ask at the reception when you come, and we will help you with the luggage.

You can connect to the Internet with your computer via our wireless network which covers all the rooms, the annex and the common areas. Access is free but requires a password, which you will obtain at the reception.
A desktop computer is also available 24-hours for shared guest use.

Our breakfast buffet is served in the restaurant next to the reception from 6:30 am to 10:30 am on weekdays (Monday to Friday) and from 7:30 am to 10:30 am on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), public holidays and summer vacation period.

At the buffet you will find hot and cold drinks, and a large selection of tea bags and loose tea leaves. We offer several types of rolls and bread and pastry, and a muesli buffet where you can mix oats, seeds, berries and even local syrups following your inspiration (but there is also ready-made muesli and cornflakes). You also find Nutella and honey, multiple types of jam and several types of yoghurt. Then we have fresh cut fruit and vegetables, cheese and cold cuts, hard- and soft-boiled eggs, and usually also a hot dish (eg. liver pate and bacon).

Gluten-free products are not on the buffet, but they can be ordered (enter a note in your reservation).

We have a snack and drink vending machine where you can buy chocolate chips, water, soda, beer, wine and spirits. Tea and coffee are available free of charge at the drink vending machine: the coffee is brewed from freshly ground beans and you’ll always find a selection of tea bags.

There is a wide variety of restaurants within walking distance. We can help with recommendations and reservations, and in some periods, we offer packages where dining at selected restaurants is included in the the price.

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